Tim, Elin och Billie. The best family we could ever dream of having. A family filled with love, laughter, deep discussions, music and goofyness.

Him. The passionate. The Teacher who got an award for most inspirational teacher from his students. The one who take the day as it comes, enjoys it and makes extra everything out of it. Who worked in five different countries. Who takes home brewing to the next level. The one humming the same melody over and over again. Or playing the guitar. Or the banjo. And who wish he could play the piano more often, the harmonica better and the accordion at all.

Billie och Tim, summer 2019

Her. The empath. The Social Worker who wants to save the entire world. That often thinks before she acts, but sometimes doesn’t think at all. The one who climbes boulders and likes the thought of winter baths. Who is mesmerized by the beauty of nature and dreams about living closer to it. The one always dreaming of a new project. Who has been in 31 countries but feels like it’s never enough.

Billie and Elin, fall 2019 (©Kayley Scrooby)

The small one. The one who brings a smile to every face he meets. Who for seven months has expanded the hearts of two parents so that they don’t fit anymore. Who is the most content when the whole family is around. Who swims like a fish on land, roars like a tiger cub when he is excited and looks like a tiny chimpanzee. And who sings along when mamma and pappa are singing.

There is much more about all of us of course. Hopefully you’ll get to know us through the blog. And if you have a question. Don’t hesitate to ask!